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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker I

Prof. Li, Han Xiong, PhD-EE(Auckland), ME-EE(TUDelft), BE-Aerospace(NUDT), IEEE Fellow,
City University of HongKong

Prof. Han-Xiong Li is a professor in the Department of Systems Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong. Dr. Li serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Transaction on Cybernetics, and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. Over the last thirty years, he has worked in different fields, including military service, industry, and academia. His current research interests are in systems intelligence and control, process design and control integration, and distributed parameter systems with applications to electronics packaging.


Keynote Speaker II

Prof.Dong Hwa Kim, Hanbat National University, South Korea

Professor  Dong  Hwa  Kim  received  his  two  PhD  degrees  at  the  Department  of  Electronic Engineering,  at  Ajou  University  in  Korea  and  at  the  Department  of  Computational  Intelligence  and Systems  Science  at  the  Tokyo  Institute  of  echnology.  Since  1993  he  is  a  Professor  at  the  Department of  Instrumentation  and  Control  Engineering,  at  Hanbat  National  University.   He  is  currently  the  President  of  Daedeok  Korea‐India  Forum  and  Vice‐President  of  Daedeok  Korea‐Japan  Forum.  He  is  the  author  of  a  number  of  papers  and  articles  and  the  co‐author  of  two  books:  Hybrid  Genetic  Algorithm  and  Bacterial  Foraging  Approach  for  Global  Optimization  and  Robust  Tuning  of  PID  Controller  with  Distrbance  Rejection  and  Hybrid  Genetic:  Particle  Swarm  Optimization  Algorithm.  Among  his  many  awards,  he  received,  in  2010,  the  International  Einstein  Award  for  Scientific  achievement;  in  2008,  he  was  included  in  the  Top  100  Engineers  of  the  year  (UK),  and  received  the  Lifetime  of  Scientific  Achievement  Award  (UK)  and  the  Universal  Award  of  Accomplishment  (USA).


Keynote Speaker III

Prof. Antonio Moran, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru

Prof. Antonio Moran is a professor in the department of Electricity and Electronics Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru. He is professional with international experience and specialization in automation, robotics and hydrocarbons. He is manager and leader of engineering projects for the improvement and quality assurance; director of University Programs of Electronic Engineering and international exhibitor. He has made the achievement of double degree agreements with North American and European universities, being consultant and adviser of mechanical and electronic engineering projects.

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